Ixora Chinensis Lamk: A Flower Extract Health Drink


  • Buavaroon Srichaikul Faculty of Public Health, Nutritional Department, Mahasarakham University,Thailand 44150




Ultrasonication, Extraction, Phenolic, content, Flavonoids, Acute, Toxicity, Hematological, value, Wistar, White, Rats


Health Drinks currently are one of the most popular demand of consumptiondrink product in Thailand globally . We found that many anti-aging health drink productswere developed under sub- standard and did not meet the Thai FDA requirements in the areaof toxicities and bioactivities. This study aimed to evaluate the anti oxidant activities ofdifferent methods of extraction and maceration of solvents , bioactivity quantities , toxicity,active ingredients of Ixora chinensis Lamk., flower extract health drink .

Author Biography

  • Buavaroon Srichaikul, Faculty of Public Health, Nutritional Department, Mahasarakham University,Thailand 44150

     as a corresponding author


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